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Wealth Gives Us Options


🗣 You ever get nervous or think about chickening out? 🤚I have. But I always knew that it was never an option. So I did it anyway. For me, live events is like this. Meeting

Wealth Gives Us Options2019-05-07T21:39:16-04:00

My Business Took Drastic Leaps With This


Before earning millions of dollars in my remote business, the one thing I always was, is teachable. I just can not relate to people who would criticize the person who has what they want. Looking

My Business Took Drastic Leaps With This2019-04-30T17:29:09-04:00

Automated Systems Helped Me Earn $1,500


Snapchat was the first to do it. Then Facebook added stories and Instagram's version of it took over. The ability to post images, videos and after 24 hours they are deleted from your feed. Well

Automated Systems Helped Me Earn $1,5002019-04-24T15:18:59-04:00

Everyone Needs A Mentor


Inside of The Queen Series, there are women on a mission. I'd like to take the time to introduce you to a Queen. I'd like to introduce you to DrSalina Baker. Watch the film and

Everyone Needs A Mentor2019-04-23T12:53:52-04:00

This Almost Crippled My Business


What is really stopping you? For me, it was holding on to the pain of the past. When I was a young adult, I came home to a huge bonfire in our yard. It was

This Almost Crippled My Business2019-04-22T18:21:00-04:00

Same Supplements, Different Woman


Producing your ideal body is not as far stretched as you may think. Whether you would like to lose, gain or maintain your weight. There is a science to achieving that. Let me tell you

Same Supplements, Different Woman2019-04-06T12:10:26-04:00