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For each one of us and no two people will define it the same way

Who doesn’t want to connect to real, speak their minds, health conscious people who are supportive to cheer others on? That’s exactly what we were thinking and what you will find inside the juicy emails D and Justin send. They will shock you. This isn’t your run of the mill list. This is an exclusive opportunity to be the first to get access to what thousands of people are waiting for. So despite where you are on the journey. Imagine having other people cheer you on, offer advice and hear your ideas. What do you think that will do for your goals in health? How easily do you believe the weight will fall when you combine it with a proven strategy and an amazing community? What are you waiting for? Enter your email and get started.

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Balance isn’t achieved in one day

One thing remains true. When you are absolutely ready for a health plan that rocks! You’ll rock at it! Scroll on to read notebook entries, watch videos about the diets people are seeing results with.

Notebook Entries

In-depth articles, videos and tips for living healthy

Monkey On My Leg

I seriously thought the monkey would pee on me. 😳 Then I noticed the teeny tiny cute baby diaper on him and it was just hilarious. This little one

Health First

“D, are you still working out & drinking teas?”   Duh! If you’ve followed me online, you’ll notice the growth.   Shoutout to my trainer Juan Velez. He

This Is Why I Do What I Do

As we walked into the orphanage I didn't know what to expect. As you can imagine, it was a breath of fresh air seeing children who had been

1 person loses weight, another is stuck. Let’s explore the power of your mind and why we need to start there for all your health goals.

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Are you battling cravings and overeating more than you would like?

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3 reasons why you must detox, regularly, if you want your body to function at it’s best. It takes discipline but you’ve got this.

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Do The Work.

Being healthy isn’t something you do once, it’s a lifestyle decision you make every time you eat. Choose wisely.

Who inspires you? Have you noticed yet that they didn’t do it alone? Let’s face the facts. When we have support, we go further. Sure, you can always do it alone. But we’re pretty sure if you’re on this page. You’re like us. Passionate and ready. Why not meet incredible people on your journey that will lift you up and encourage your every step.

“None but ourselves can free our minds. ”

Bob Marley •

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

Bruce Lee •