You ever get nervous or think about chickening out?

🤚I have.

But I always knew that it was never an option. So I did it anyway.

For me, live events is like this.

Meeting people for the first time. Yea sure, we’ve seen them online but how well do we really know them?

One thing I must make clear about my masterminds and live events, is my intention.

See, some events you may attend. Their intention may be to offer a cool product. Which is great but I want to make clear my focus.

Most of you know I have been building my business online for over a decade. During that time, I spend quite a bit of time online.

Whether I am working with my crew or creating content. Yes, I cruise boats, play tennis and practically can’t breath unless I’m on the ocean.

But one thing remains true, my circle of millionaires, who can just pick up and come join me is very small.

A lot of the millionaires, doctors, or lawyers I know, don’t have time freedom either. So while we are on the beach, they are relaxing until they hear a beep that sounds like their phone.

Then they’re dropping what they are doing and stepping to the side.

I get it, sometimes business is like this and I do enjoy it. But it shouldn’t be the majority of the way things are done.

So yes, I do want to meet you at my next event.

I hope we can open our laptops, (cause if you haven’t realized, I am a nerd 🤓) and get to work.

My intention is help you automate your business online so you can create income that isn’t attached to you trading time for money.

Call me selfish, I want more friends that I can call to meet me on the beach, or in Greece, or in Italy.

Wealth gives us options.

Some of us, know we have so much more to give.

But we have to learn first. And that takes vulnerability.

You’ve overcome in more ways than one.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you stopped now?

I’m heading to London and Orlando. I’m looking to connect with Bosses.

Sis, are you one?

Write in the comments, “I’m a Boss D!”