Snapchat was the first to do it. Then Facebook added stories and Instagram’s version of it took over.

The ability to post images, videos and after 24 hours they are deleted from your feed.

Well I don’t use mine, as often as I should, considering how well it works but the other day I did.

I shared an image of $1,500 in hundreds sprawled on our dining room table.

This isn’t the total of what we made that day, just one income stream.

Well my inbox blew up after that!

Everyone was asking the same thing, “how D?”

I’ll share exactly how I did it.

Before I do, I want to ask you. What is your current goal for your business?

If you haven’t thought about it, take the time to do so ASAP.

Here’s what I know, no one can reach a goal they haven’t defined. Set a goal.

Next, you may think this tip doesn’t apply to you but it could be precisely the reason you are stuck.

And hear me out, stuck doesn’t have to be at a certain income either.

You could be stuck at $20K or $500K+.

What you have to pay attention to are your actions.

$1,500 a day equals $45K in 30 days. That’s more than most people make in their full-time jobs.

If you do that consistently for twelve months. That’s $540,000! Over half a million, with just one income stream.

Do you want to know how I do it?

If you remember nothing else from this, remember this word.


See, right now you are probably trading time for money. Which is fine but it’s limiting.

While I have systems running for me, while I am sleeping, working out, or playing with my daughter in the pool.

My point is, these systems allow me to earn an income, a substantial one at that, while living my life.

Do I still have to work?


But because I have the time-freedom, I work with much more enthusiasm for what I do and I’m more inspired as I do it.

Now look at your business and life and make a mental note of the systems you have working for you.

Do you have systems working for you at all times?

If not, then sign up with The Queen Series to learn how.