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Then, videos are the encyclopedia into our lives

D Verrengia has been vlogging, shooting & editing films and helping clients share their stories for over 10 years. What better way than to share your product with potential customers, than to show them? Have a vision you want to share? Press the record button and get it out there! It is even easier now than it ever has been to post, upload and share videos with the world. Establish rapport with your audience quickly, while having fun. D releases inspirational films often. Be the first to know by subscribing.

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Everyone Needs A Mentor

Inside of The Queen Series, there are women on a mission. I'd like to take the time to introduce you to a Queen. I'd like to introduce you

Way before earning millions of dollars online all I wanted was independence. To be able to make decisions without asking for permission from a boss or a man.

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All I’m saying is that everyone needs a mentor and you should go find one and I found mine in D.

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D and Justin Verrengia being interviewed by Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank and Forbes Riley.

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It’s Never Too Late

No matter what age, you can live the life of your dreams

If you ask D what action has influenced the drastic transformation in her life, she will tell you, video. After 10+ years of shooting, editing and helping clients share their stories. She continues to release videos regularly inspiring others how they too can pursue their passion. Let’s face it. Sometimes a message of inspiration is precisely what we need to get through. You can follow D’s film releases on YouTube, as well as Facebook but to be the first. Subscribe below with your email. The energy that flows through out your day, decisions and actions is determined by how you think. In her videos, D shares with you how you can transform the way you think. Why would you want to? Because the truth is, if you haven’t achieved your goal it’s more than likely how you’ve programmed your mind to think. Most of us, don’t realize the true depth of our power. It’s okay if you’ve done it, we all have and D has made it her mission to help people break free from bondage. Mental bondage that is. If you’re truly ready to unlock the depths of your potential & purpose then D’s videos are a great start to a whole new way.

“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”

Confucius •

“For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?”

Jesus Christ •